Our “baby” is a toddler!

He’s the caboose in our family and demands attention. He was a fussy and irritable baby but I think we’re passed most of that just in time for him to enter the terrible twos!

He loves his voice and is quite fond of screaming. If he’s excited – he screams. If he wants a bath – he screams. If his brother takes his toy he screams. Its a mode of communication I’m okay with growing out of.

He’s starting to talk more and when he wakes up from a nap he always asks for Cannon.

He loves bath time. He’ll be a fish in the pool in no time.

He loves the movie Trolls thanks to our road trip last summer and can’t help but dance when he hears the music.

He has a couple good friends in the neighborhood and the minute he hears their names he runs for the door.

He demands to get dressed first thing every morning. (Definitely not my kid!) He will grab clothes from his drawer or even the dirty clothes hamper and bring them to me. And shoes are a must. He has to have shoes on.

He follows his siblings everywhere. If they’re upstairs, he wants to be with them. If they’re out on the driveway, he’ll be there too. And he adores Hallie – probably because she is just so good to him and lets him play in her room and shares candy with him.

He’s a little sass and a little sweet and a little loud. And after holding my nieces baby, he doesn’t seem so little!