Modern Medicine
I’ve had a cold for over a week now. Sunday night as I went to bed I could feel the pressure build and suddenly my face hurt and my teeth hurt. I knew immediately I had a sinus infection. I called first thing in the morning to go the doctor. After getting a price for the visit from my primary care doctor I called the urgent care next to my house. The urgent care was almost half the cost of the doctor’s visit. There is something so wrong with this system. But I’m overly grateful for a steroid shot that gave immediate relief and antibiotics to fight it off. It still feels like I need a root canal but the pain is starting to decrease.

Car Shopping
We’ve started looking for a new family car. Steve and I are not car people and we go for affordable older cars – its still a discouraging process. I’m glad we only do it every 8 years! The process is complicated because there’s only one car I’m looking for – so finding the right mileage in our price range may take some time. The process is further complicated when I drive the potential cars and realize just how much I love my car and I don’t want to get rid of it. It runs great but it’s those long road trips to Idaho every year that make Steve a little nervous. We’ll see if we can find something.

When my dad was in town we finally installed a ladder to the playhouse (we’ve always had a ladder leaning up against the playhouse – just not a ladder that was screwed into place). Suddenly, all the kids want to be in the playhouse. They spent this week cleaning it up and blowing all the dirt out and making it their own little space. They did their homework in it after school. I’m glad their using it, the forecast this week shows a lot of 90 degree days – their playhouse days are numbered!

Summer Robe
Speaking of warmer weather – it’s getting warm enough that my warm fleece robe is coming out less and less. (My robe infatuation was divulged on the blog when my husband surprised me by writing a post!) – Before long I’ll trade it in for my summer robe!

Kids and Toys
I think it’s interesting to see what toys little kids gravitate towards. We’ve had a lot of the same toys for years and years and every kid plays differently. Just when I think I can get rid of toys, I see a kid start to gain interest in it. Briggs likes little toys that fit in his hands – precisely one in each hand. It’s typically cars or action figures/little people. We’ve had a box of little people since Hallie was a baby. Briggs has the most interest in them and its nothing more than to carry them around and play on whatever surface he pleases.

Cooking Fiasco
I had one of those cooking fiascos that you just have to laugh about. It was Sunday morning and Steve was gone. I thought I would be a Betty and make some muffins. It had been years since I had made bran muffins and I absolutely love them so I figured it was a good time to dust off the recipe. They call them 6 week bran muffins because it makes a ton of batter and can be put in the fridge for several weeks as you them when you need them. I found my largest bowl and got to work. Of course there were several interruptions – including fighting kids. After I got kids separated in different rooms I returned to the recipe and added liquid. It was so full it was hard to stir. After all the buttermilk was poured in the batter didn’t look like I remembered. It was much runnier. It took me about 5 seconds to realize I needed a quart of buttermilk, not a half gallon. I didn’t have enough of some of the ingredients to double the batch. I didn’t even have a big enough bowl.

Of course Steve walks in the door right as I’m trying to figure what I can do to salvage the muffins. We borrow something from the neighbors and find more bran by picking out raisins from our raisin bran. Was it perfect…far from. But it was salvaged and the kids didn’t even know I screwed it up and surprisingly they’re all big fans of bran muffins. At least the recipe they’ve tried which is not exactly like the recipe that will be made in the future. Sometimes you just need to laugh at yourself.

Easter Week
This week is special as we focus on the final week of the Savior’s life. Last week we saw the Easter Pageant at the Mesa temple which is always my favorite way to start this season. Last Sunday at church we heard talks of repentance and forgiveness. And this week we’re talking as a family about the final events leading up to His crucifixion and resurrection. As Steve likes to say, “It’s a big week.”