I found this picture on Steve’s phone and it captures this stage perfectly. Still in his jammies, a toy in each hand and the mask.

He loves this stormtrooper mask. He can’t get it on himself so he brings me the mask and in his muddled toddler voices pushes it on me until I put it on his head. Once it’s secure on his head, he likes to pull it up on his forehead and pull it back down. (Of course this makes it fall off more often which results in tears if I can’t get it back in place quickly!)

What’s funny is he puts on the mask and suddenly starts growling and tries to scare people. Of course he’s egged on by us – who squeal and run when he approaches. Its such a fun stage…when he’s not screaming or throwing a tantrum! I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the terrible twos, and even more so with the tiring threes.

But this face – it makes my day!

storm trooper