Spring Break 2017

I’m not a fan of being cold – but I do love an occasional (once a year) snow day. Last year for spring break we chased snow all the way up to Utah and spent three glorious days skiing, snowmobiling and sledding. It was enough to enjoy it and then leave it. The older the kids get – the more fun these snow days become.

Our spring break is next week and we were hoping to make it up to Utah again – recreate all the best moments from last year’s trip. But it just wasn’t working out so were staying put. I’m still hoping we can find snow somewhere in the state of Arizona – we’ll see.

And to think – when we lived in Wisconsin we had all the unwanted snow a person could handle! We had a pile in front of our house 8 feet tall (from plowing the streets). Snow was ordinary. So ordinary Hallie would ride her trike through the plowed paths on the sidewalk.

Four kids later we’re willing to drive hours for an afternoon sledding adventure!