Yesterday at church I shared an experience that happened after Cannon was born.

Steve had been recently called into a leadership position in our church, he was also struggling to stay afloat in his new masters program, working full time and we had just had Cannon. When Cannon was just a week old, Steve got the rest of the kids down to bed before starting his long night of studying for finals. I sat in the quiet of the house holding my newborn suddenly feeling overwhelmed and lonely.

More than anything I wanted Steve to comfort me but he was busy. My next thought was to call my mom – but the time difference made it too late to call her. Instead I sat on the couch crying and praying for comfort in my state of loneliness. That’s when I heard a quiet knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone and wondered who would be stopping by so late. I wiped away my tears and opened the door to find a neighbor/friend – she was stopping by to drop off a baby gift. Seeing her face when I opened the door was complete relief. I had prayed for comfort just minutes before in my hour of loneliness and complete exhaustion and just wanted someone to talk with to pass the time. She was the answer to my prayers that evening.

I wrote my friend a quick email that night sharing with her just how important her seemingly insignificant stop by was for me. In her mind, she had had a gift sitting at her house and finally got the chance to bring it over to me. For me that evening she was everything I needed.

It made me realize when someone touches our lives in big and small ways – we need to let them know. They need to know they impacted your life or helped out in some small way; not only does it build connections but it strengthens relationships. I think we could all benefit from real connections with real people.

Drop an email, send a text, make a phone call or stop by and tell them personally just how much they’ve helped out. How they’ve been an answer to your prayers. Or just that you appreciate them and love them. Perhaps that’s just what they need.