Most weekends leave me exhausted with a wrecked house – this weekend was different. Yes, my house is more wrecked than usual and it will take me most of tomorrow to get it back in order, but we had such great and uplifting weekend.

It started with Good Friday and our kids were out of school. We were mindful to spend time being active as a family and with friends as we prepared for a weekend of “church on TV” as our kids call it, our semi-annual general conference. But this general conference was just a little different because it fell on Easter – which is unusual.

Saturday morning the Easter bunny showed up right on schedule much to the delight of our kids. (We’ve done the Easter bunny on Saturday for years – this gives us the opportunity to really focus on Jesus Christ on Sunday morning instead of the gifts and candy. It works for us!)

Saturday we spent a lot of time watching/listening to conference. The kids did great and were engaged for some of the time. It’s a long time for our littles but I can see as they grow older, like Hallie, they start to take an interest in the TV that’s on and not just play around it.

In between sessions we’d take advantage of playing and riding bikes and seeing friends. We prepped food for Sunday and quite enjoyed the day. Today was even better. The talks that were given spoke to me – I could feel them deep in my heart. My love and understanding of the Savior increased as well as my desire to reach out and help those around me. This can be overwhelming thinking of all the people that are in need of help – but I can work within my circle of influence and hopefully make a difference for someone in need.

And to top off this beautiful Easter Sunday we gathered with extended family. It was a beautiful evening and the perfect ending to an inspiring weekend. Bring on Monday!