We had a special visitor straight from the snow of Minnesota. Flat Stanley was more than willing to visit us during the most beautiful season that Arizona experiences – and thaw out for just a little bit. Like most spring visitors he frequented the pool daily, working on his base tan.

Flat Stanley

We showed Flat Stanley all the beauty of the season; oranges picked from the tree, the most sweet and fragrant orange blossoms, and beautiful blooming flowers.

We also introduced Flat Stanley to the dangers of Arizona – don’t get too close to the cac…too late! It didn’t take him long to learn that you never try to smell a cactus.

He hung around long enough to enjoy Easter egg hunts in luscious green grass – a luxury not enjoyed by most.

Sadly, our adventures with Flat Stanley had to come to an end. We bundled him up in his nice winter jacket and snowboots and sent him on his way. I’ve got a feeling he’ll come visit again!

As we tucked him away in his envelope I reminded Hunter of his Flat Stanley. He had no recollection of ever creating one or sending him off. We sent him to Colorado and my brother and his wife showed him a great time – the poem they wrote was the best. Any other Stanley’s want to come for a visit? He’ll learn to swim!

When I was searching for Hunter’s Flat Stanley pictures I came across a similar thing Steve did for our kids. It was before we knew of Flat Stanley – Steve gathered a little toy from each of the three kids (at the time) and he took those toys on the most amazing worldwide adventure and he chronicled their whole journey.