This kid is turning 7 years old and he couldn’t be more happy about it.



A couple things we love about Bennett:

His facial expressions are fantastic and on point. He goes through all the emotions and they are spelled out on his face. This leads him to be a little over dramatic across the board.

He keeps getting funnier. The older he gets, the better his timing is and he usually has us all laughing.

He loves to play with friends and is a friend to everyone. When he gets home from school he wants to know what friend he can play with.

He is not a procrastinator. If he comes home with an assignment he wants to do it right then. If he has an invite to a party – he wants the gift in his hand a week ahead of time. He does all his math homework the first day so it’s done. Once something is on his mind – he must complete it. Or he bugs us until it is completed.

He stands to do his school work and walks around while he does his reading fluency homework. Luckily the teachers don’t seem to mind that he is an active participant each and every day!

He is easily teased and Hunter knows it – we’re working on his reaction as well as the teasing.

He makes his bed every single morning. For a while I found him sleeping on top of his bedspread – that way he wouldn’t have to make his bed. We nipped that habit and he still makes his bed every morning.

He’s grown up so much this school year – he’s losing the little kid look and is growing up on us. He is excited to be considered one of the big kids and all the perks that come along with it.

Happy Birthday buddy!