This smirk is something I see daily. Sometimes he does it when he is trying to make a point. Sometimes he does it when he thinks he knows what is going on in a conversation but he really doesn’t. Sometimes he does it when he’s trying to hide something. Sometimes he does it when he’s caught you eating cookie dough out of the fridge. It’s his universal smirk – the smirk that says everything.

The funny thing is this smirk usually goes along with a number of hand gestures. When he’s caught you doing something his hands are on his hips. When he’s trying to make a point he moves his wrist in a rolling motion – he’ll stop talking but his wrist keeps rolling as if to note that his thought still continues. When he’s trying to hide something, both hands come up in the air as to indicate confusion.

He is our most animated child and has distinct mannerisms (like every kid) that make him unique. I love when I capture them in photos.

Nikon d750  |  85mm  |  ISO 320  |  1/250  |  f2.8