As of today, my kids have missed a full week of school due to the teacher walkout. I was pretty frustrated last week with the whole situation. Fast forward a week and we got a call that kids wouldn’t be going to school tomorrow – for the 6th day. My frustrations have escalated and my support of this movement is in rapid decline.

There was a town hall meeting Monday where parents and educators were told if they could be back in the classroom by Thursday there wouldn’t be any make up days for elementary and junior high. We’ve now missed that window.

Meanwhile – we are in full summer break mode around here. Kids are pool hopping, late nights with friends, going to parks every day. I’m doing everything I can to entertain these kids while school is looming over their heads – but unlike summer break, we can’t really go anywhere. We have no idea if tomorrow is the day they’ll have to return so we’re hanging around and trying to make the best of it. The problem is the kid’s educational momentum has been completely shot. Good luck trying to get these kids to come back and really focus for 2 1/2 weeks of school – especially when we all know the last week is anything but educational.

Hallie’s ginormous and capstone world fair project has been sitting on the dining table mostly done for a week and a half. We got an email from her teacher this morning saying it was likely we would be back in session tomorrow  – she started putting the finishing touches on it until we got the phone call about no school tomorrow so the project was immediately abandoned.

Bennett’s star student project has been sitting on my desk for a week and a half – his star student day has come and passed. Bennett’s also supposed to have his end of the year math testing upon his return – which I’m sure the kids will feel totally prepared for.

Whenever they do end up back in school I doubt a whole lot is going to get accomplished – its going to take the kids at least a week to adjust to being back at school. Its the whole reason our district chooses to have spring break and fall break in between quarters. Too much is lost in a weeks time.

I’m frustrated. And every parent I’ve talked to is in the same boat. Ironically, we got an email flyer this morning advertising teacher appreciation next week and all the things we should do for the teachers specifically every day. Hmmm…poor timing on the email. Lets just hope we are in the classroom next week.

We love our teachers. We support our teachers with our time, talents and financial contributions. I think my frustration has shifted in feeling as though the teacher’s right to walk out has superseded my kid’s right to his/her education. What right do we as parent’s and students really have in the situation? The government’s voice has been clear – they’re working on it. The teacher’s voice has been clear – we’ll go back once you show us that you’ve actually worked on it. And then you have the parent’s and kids – what’s our right? Where’s our voice?