Tomorrow is the beginning of the end. Kids get out of school on Thursday which means there’s a whole lot of fun ahead of us this week.

Hallie informed me they’re cleaning out their desks tomorrow and don’t have to take backpacks the rest of the week. Kids vs Teacher volleyball game one day, swim party the next and then right on to graduation on Thursday. I have to keep asking myself – where did this year go? It feels like we’ve already been on summer break for several weeks already – not sure the kids ever got back into the swing of things after the teacher strike.

Hallie was on a three day field trip last week (I was a chaperone) and I’m still trying to recover. I have the cold sores to prove it.

The two youngest boys have one week left of swim lessons – Briggs is officially hating the pool – I’m hoping this week we’ll have a break through!

Steve took the boys camping this weekend for some father/son bonding time – pretty sure it’s their favorite weekend of the year.

I’m still prepping for girls camp and our long summer road trip. We’ve got some busy days ahead.

Did I mention school’s out this week and I’m feeling slightly unprepared?!