We’ve spent the last two weeks in the pool for swimming lessons. His constant screaming would indicate that he absolutely hates it, but he’s coming around and has made significant progress.  In fact, by the time we got to the last lesson of the session he was no longer crying. Second to last lesson – still cried.

It can be hard for many to navigate lessons for such young kids and to see them hate it day after day. But more than anything, I want him water safe. We have a pool in our backyard and I need him to be safe near water. Today if he fell in from the edge of the pool I believe he could make it back to the side and pull himself up – I couldn’t say that two weeks ago. Of course after being gone for summer activities we’ll have to work really hard when we get back to make sure he retains.

He’s also starting to find the enjoyment in the pool – and he absolutely loves the diving board. We should have a fun summer of swimming.