This man deserves more than one day to celebrate his fatherhood – I hope he feels our love and appreciation every day of the year.

A couple things I admire about him as a father:

He is so patient and rarely raises his voice. He’s the calming force in our parenting and I love him for balancing me.

He looks for opportunities to spend time with the kids. Whether that’s teaching them yard work or playing a board game with them, he seeks out time with them.

He’s playful and he’s the master at creating games – whether that’s an obstacle course in the backyard or a new game in the pool, he’s always in the middle of it.

He is constantly showing them how to serve others and he is the master example. The kids are now quick to comment when they feel someone is in need of our help.

He enjoys talking with them – he’s the master at asking questions and getting people to open up and our kids around the dinner table is no different. He consistently shows genuine interest in them and even in the small things they talk about.

He gives great compliments. He is a builder and what kid doesn’t love someone building them up. They beam when he talks about the good things he sees in them. The world needs more compliments!

Our kids adore him (and I do too!). He is such a beautiful example of what a loving and attentive father should be. Happy Father’s Day Steve!