School got out a month ago and I still feel like I’m playing catch up. Looking back at these pictures, it seems like a lifetime ago. Hallie is so done with 6th grade – she’s ready for Junior High – her friends are equally excited to be moving on.

The last day of school they had a special assembly/graduation for all the 6th graders – a special send off from elementary school.

Sidenote: I grew up in a school district where 6th grade was part of junior high. I thought it was weird when we moved here and they had the 6th graders in elementary school, but I have loved it. There is something about keeping them in elementary school that keeps them young. They don’t grow up as fast and I’m okay with that. But they are ready and I’m excited for all of them.

We surprised the kids when they got off the bus with a water balloon ambush. It was fun watching the kid’s surprised faces as they rushed to coolers filled with balloons. I think my favorite part was watching Steve soak each and every neighborhood kid and then watching them work their hardest to get him back.

We followed up the water balloon fight with a swim party late into the night at a neighbor’s house.



The last day of school is just the start of road trips, family, adventures and lots of swimming with friends and neighbors. It’s good to be a kid in the summer.