A lot of our preparation for girls camp was administrative and leg work. Making sure all of our i’s were dotted and t’s were crossed. Permission slips signed. Food lists created and food prepped. Activities organized. Camp assignments made. The list could go on and on.

We also had some more physical prep for girls camp. We had to make sure these girls were prepared for our all-day canyoneering experience. We took them out rappelling locally to help them feel more comfortable.

Hallie was not looking forward to this portion of girls camp – if you haven’t done it – it can be a little intimidating and scary. She’s gone several times before to this exact location, but she still gets nervous. She was ready to call it quits after one run down the mountain. I talked her into one more run so we could go together. I’m glad she agreed because she was far more comfortable going down the second time.

Some girls left this activity more excited than ever for our big canyoneering trip – other girls (Hallie included) were still nervous but at least had additional experience under their belt – or harness 😉