We celebrated Steve this weekend as he grew older and wiser. Family in the morning – his favorite sushi restaurant for lunch with his brothers – a little overnight staycation in Scottsdale with good food and great entertainment (improv comedy club).

A couple things we love about him:

He sings songs and makes the kids guess if they’re real or fake.

He’s got a sweet tooth…as long as it’s chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! I think he partially likes his sweets so rich because he knows he won’t have to share it with me!

He works alongside the kids. He knows its the only way to really teach them how to work.

One of his very favorite shirts was a gift from our friends and it has several cat puns on it (from when he worked at Petsmart). He wears it with pride and it makes me laugh every time he puts it on.

He is the best partner when it’s comes to parenting. He plays a large role in the “mundane of parenthood”. He’s on diaper duty, bed time routines and he’s far better when it comes to sick kids. I don’t mind cleaning up the messes but his compassion shines in those moments.

He’s simple (which is why we’re a good balance) and his needs are minimal.

He loves children’s movies and he’s always up for a family movie night. The kids know he has his favorites and often times will protest movie night even before the movie is announced because they know he always leans towards Mega Mind, Kung Fu Panda (the original) and Lego Batman Movie. He’s predictable.

Is he not the cutest!

Happy Birthday Steve-O!