On the last day of school I was at a neighbor’s house for a swim party. I had designed some family reunion shirts a while back and he reminded me that we had never settled up. I never intended to have him pay for the design – but he was insistent on wanting to make it even. I reminded him that he’s a doctor and I would need him before he would ever need me again. (he’s stitched up both Bennett and me before).

The very next day, Hunter was swimming with a friend. He came into the house with blood running down his face. In an effort to make a quick turn under water, he hit the side of the pool and split his eyelid. It’s hard to tell from the picture, but he actually has a scar just above the cut from a previous set of stitches when he was three. I sent a picture to our friend and neighbor – the same one who I had designed the shirts for and he told me to come over to his house to get it fixed up.

I knew we would need him before he needed me!!

In less than twenty minutes we were walking back out his door all fixed up and with strict instructions to not get it wet for a week. Luckily our Lake Powell trip was a week and a half away and he just missed out on some pool time – which in Arizona can seem like torture!