The funny thing about road trips is once you’ve driven 17 hours, the idea of driving another six seems totally reasonable. That’s the logic that landed us in Washington. I was hoping to see a college roommate and good friend this summer. We were making plans for her to drive down to Idaho and just two weeks before setting out on our summer adventures I had a crazy thought to drive the gang to see her.

When I ran it by the kids they didn’t register that it would take 6 hours (each way) to drive there, they only heard Washington – and they’ve never been to Washington so it was a unanimous yes! And we don’t regret that decision one bit. Washington was just as beautiful as I remembered and even more fun than the kids had hoped for. We were all reunited for a couple short days and they are some of the most memorable from our summer.

The beautiful green lush landscape was a stark contrast from where we came from and the weather was ideal – we took advantage by being outside the whole time we were there.

Hunter’s skateboarding skills are minimal and yet he had the confidence (or lack of better judgement) to attempt to ride this hill. I walked on to the scene just in time to catch this picture. I could tell at this point he was picking up too much speed and I started yelling for him to hit the grass and take a softer fall.

It was too late. He was out of control which led to him putting his foot down in an attempt to ditch the skateboard and make a run of it. That was also poor judgement because as soon as that second foot hit the pavement his body was going too fast for his feet and he proceeded to land face first, arms outstretched and skid several feet down the path. I was already running to him at this point and I reached him face down on the pavement, crying and all bloodied up. His friend told him that’s the life of a thrasher! 🙂

I’m pretty sure he’ll think twice before attempting a stunt like that again!

We explored the Columbia River – the largest river in the pacific northwest. It was a little chilly for my kids liking but that didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves. We’re just used to bath water pools!

The weather was beautiful and warm while we were there (which we learned was not normal) but as to not disappoint – Washington showed it’s true weather the day we were leaving which was slightly more chilly and some light showers. We made a stop at Multnomah Falls on our way home – just outside of Portland. We were disappointed to learn the hike was closed due to the serious wildfires last summer – but it was still a breathtaking pit stop. We’ll make our way back and hopefully we’ll be able to hike it then.

The best part of the drive is following the Columbia River for two hours – it’s beautiful green scenery like this the whole drive. I wish I wasn’t driving so I could’ve enjoyed it a little bit more.