I would categorize myself as creative. I work in a creative field, I have creative hobbies…I love to create. Because I’m on the creative spectrum, I often find myself evaluating other creative ideas. I like the way they did that – I would’ve never put those colors together – that’s an interesting use for that product. It happens all the time. And then there are times I come across something that sits just beyond the spectrum of creativity. As in – Who in the world thought of that?! That’s genius.

I had that exact thought last Sunday when we borrowed the classic movie Princess Bride from a neighbor. It was the collector’s edition and the case sat on the couch next to me as we started the movie. It was than that my child pointed out the cleverness in the movie name typography: It reads the same whether it’s right side up or upside down.

I spent the next 5 minutes rotating the movie case back and forth so I could see how they manipulated each letter to read the same things both ways. My graphic design brain started to stretch as I realized the complexity of the graphic – not to mention, someone came up with that idea. Not only was there an idea – someone was able to bring that idea to life.

It’s beyond what most designers would ever be able to muster. And still when I look at the case it makes me smile – there are some clever people out there and I am grateful I can enjoy their work. Well done Princess Bride, well done. On the movie…and the DVD sleeve!



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