This is the story of my life (and probably most mothers). I get up, I take care of kids, I do laundry, I go to soccer games, we go on walks at night as a family, I go to sleep and then a new day starts and I run through the same routine again. It can get monotonous doing the same thing over and over again. Especially during the school year. By the end of the year I’m so happy to not have to sign another planner or go through spelling words one more time. The days seem to meld into each other and it becomes hard to remember anything day to day.

But then I compare the first and last day of school pictures and suddenly everything has changed. I don’t notice my kids physical changes on the daily – but a school year is a long time and all the sudden they’re missing teeth, they’ve thinned out, their hair is longer…they just look older. And that’s when I realize – everything is changing.

An archive of this blog is evidence of life changing which is exactly why I still document here. I want to remember the day to day as well as a comparison of the years that have passed.

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