We did some room switching over the summer. We swapped Briggs’ room downstairs with the guest room upstairs so all the kids are upstairs and our guests have a little more privacy downstairs. The boys were gone for a weekend and Hallie and I were ready for a project. We had all the furniture moved and set up by the time they came home 24 hours later.

map wall

Sadly, when transitioning the nursery to the guest room, it was time for me to remove the map wall after four years of admiring it. I loved this wall and I hated to tear it down. Unfortunately, the queen sized bed covered up a good portion of the map and it just didn’t work.

This is one of those projects that when I started, I was crossing my fingers hoping it would work. Each country had been hand cut from fabric that was attached to pellon and ironed on to wall. Yes you read that right. IRONED to the wall. (Full tutorial on this fabric wall mural here)  I was nervous as to if there would be damage when I took it down and luckily there was only one small section where some adhesive stayed on the wall and I had to use some elbow grease to get it off. It took hours to put together and a little more than three minutes to tear it down. Unfortunately, once they had been removed they couldn’t be used again. Goodbye map wall…