Very few people are brave enough or love us enough to visit in July. In fact, no one loves us enough – however, we do get visitors on occasion when they have to be in Arizona for something else. My brother and his family had a reunion here (I know…who plans a reunion in July in Arizona?!?) which means we got them for a couple days after they were done.

July visitors get a lot of water time. In the past we’ve gone to water parks and to the lake – this go around we had less time so we stuck with pools.

A visit isn’t complete without scorpion hunting – its always a fan favorite! After killing the 11 in our yard, we moved on to our neighbor’s yard where we found twice that many. Including these two moving along the wall attached to each other. After hunting, it was late and finally the temperature was bearable (just over 100 degrees) to be outside. We played basketball speed for an hour while sweating profusely.

With pool time and scorpion hunting complete – we hit a local indoor trampoline/ninja warrior/skate park. This was a hit with our kids and we had no problem spending two hours jumping and climbing and everything else they had to offer. An indoor park can’t be beat in the Arizona summer.