During the summer Briggs got used to having buddies around during the day. Siblings to play with, to read to him, to grab him snacks, to swim with. And then they went back to school. And although Cannon is only gone a couple hours a week – its enough for Briggs to notice. He’s the caboose and it’s taking some adjustment getting used to just the two of us.

He follows me around. He leaves trails of cars and trains wherever he goes. He insists I put toys in his pack-pack to carry around. He helps me put the pillows on my bed. He takes stuff to the kids’ rooms for me. He takes two hours to eat his breakfast – eating a little and then leaving the table to play and then coming back when he’s ready for more. He insists we listen to music. He begs for his friends to come play. He’s my little shadow and our little caboose. And the minute his siblings walk through that door he’s yelling with excitement and ready to play.

He just thinks he’s one of the big kids. And in these pictures, he looks like the big kids!