It was three years ago today that Steve walked away from his comfortable, yet demanding corporate job. It was a pivot point for him and his career and it was a pivot point for our family.

I reminded him of this anniversary today and it gave us a few minutes to reflect.

Steve left the corporate world knowing very well the grass wasn’t going to be greener, but he was in search of something more. More time at home, less time commuting, more flexibility – but all of that comes at a cost. And like most growing moments in life – the transition was hard and we struggled. It was a different struggle than he felt in the corporate world. It was a different struggle than his master’s program. We we’re clearing a path unfamiliar to us and at times the brush became hard to see the road. But we stayed the course and each time we dug a little deeper, it got a little better.

I think both of us would agree – we wouldn’t want to do it again. (Who wants to go back to hard years and do them all over again!?) But we also agree it was just what we needed at the time we needed it and we are happy Steve is home more with us, grateful he’s no longer commuting and we love his flexibility.