Steve is not a music person at all. He has a hard time understanding the lyrics and much prefers talk radio or audiobooks (I almost wrote books on CD and then remembered they were replaced years ago!) So when he gave me concert tickets last year for a gift (for the two of us), I knew it was out of love. It could only be out of love!

Granted, his track record for concerts is extremely limited – and the last time we were together at a concert the impaired lead to Counting Crows went on a 15 minute political rant and couldn’t sing his lines, and they couldn’t seem to get hime off the stage…so the bar was pretty low!

9 months after receiving the tickets as a gift – we were finally able to cash them in and see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill with some friends. Growing up I was a huge country fan and Tim McGraw still ranks as one of the few country artists I still listen to. They were amazing in every way, they put on an entertaining show and I enjoyed every minute.

Much to my surprise, Steve also enjoyed himself even though he didn’t know all the songs. In fact one song Faith started to sing and he turned to me and said, “I thought this song was Shania Twains”. It blew his last concert out of the water. Perhaps it was enough to get him to a couple more concerts! Music is good for the soul!

Tim and Faith