Sideways Stories From Wayside School: Bennett is reading one of my favorite books as a child. He found the sequel Wayside School is Falling Down in the closet over the summer and read it only to learn it wasn’t the first book. What I like about this book for his age is it has really short chapters. This is great for young readers because they can read a four page chapter and feel accomplished and feel as though they’re making progress in the book. The chapters are also a little silly in nature and it plays right into his humor.


Frindle: Hunter needs a little more prodding when it comes to reading and it’s not because he isn’t good at it – he struggles to find books that interest him. He’ll get several chapters into a book and not want to finish it. I used to get frustrated because he had a long list of unfinished books. But I can’t blame him – there are plenty of books that I start and don’t have interest in finishing. We’ve started a new school year and we have new reading routines so I’m hopeful we’ll find some books that he loves. He found Frindle in the book closet and he’s a couple chapters in and loving it.


All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook: This is a book we picked up through Scholastic book club last year. I haven’t read it but Hallie seems intrigued. A boy is raised in the prison (where his mom is housed) and gets out every day to go to school. We’ve had some good talking points as Hallie asks questions about what she’s reading. It’s not realistic on any level, but it makes her think outside of what she’s familiar with.


Me Before You: I have been cruising through audiobooks lately as I’ve switched my music to books as I work around the house and complete household tasks. I just finished Chasing Slow – for as high as the reviews were – I was expecting more. But it was an easy listen. I then moved on to Me Before You. I saw the movie a while back and came to realize it was one of three books in a series. I was about to jump into book #2 – but decided to start at the beginning (despite having watched the movie). I’m halfway through and so far, the movie has been true to the book. I suppose I could’ve watched the movie again and started with book #2!


The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life: Steve bounces between business and fictional audiobooks. He is a big Warren Buffett fan when it comes to business. I think he’s listened to it at least three times before – but business is something he never grows old of learning more of and this book has plenty of gems to think about.



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