The hard thing about living in a project house is spaces are always changing. We have a living room right off the kitchen that has served as a playroom since the day we moved in. We have loved the space (mauve carpet and all!). But we’re getting ready for a big remodel which involves the playroom space morphing into something better. Kids are growing up and the need for a large room to contain toys is dwindling, so it’s time for the space to grow with our kids.

We gave the kitchen set to friends. We got rid of the annoying walking popper toy that every kid who comes to visit feels inclined to use where everyone is talking. We sorted through books and got rid of ones that could use a new home. We donated the leapfrog table and the baby walker we’ve had since Hallie.

There’s still a few things that need to be moved upstairs and a couple more that need to find a new home in someone else’s home. But we’re making progress. Several loads have already made their way to the donation truck. We even took down the alphabet wall. The wall I spent so much time collecting letters for. It’s down. Hunter was quick to volunteer for the task, he was even more happy to get a hammer and remove all the nails.

It was fun while it lasted.