He’s just turned 10, but he acts like he’s 15!

Here’s a snapshot of Hunter right now:

He lives to play with friends. He does book club once a week with friends, then has soccer practice two times a week and then he’s begging to play Wednesday because it’s always early release and then they’re always planning a late night on the weekend. He’s the bridge between his guy friends (who live outside the neighborhood) and his girl friends (who live in the neighborhood). His friends area always wanting to play at our house because the neighborhood shows up to play.

He loves sports just as much as he loves friends. He always has a ball with him. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing an organized club soccer game, retention basin football or watching sports on TV – he lives for sports.

He’s curious. He likes to tinker and create. He’s still a fan of Legos and asks for new sets every chance he’s receiving a gift.

He’s a jokester and he often has unwilling victims. He’s also a teaser – once again – unwilling victims. He’s happy – until he’s not (which is rare) and then he stomps off and sulks. Gives us a glimpse of his teenage years.

His birthday lunch of choice: Taco Bell
Birthday treat of choice: Doughnuts
Favorite Band: Imagine Dragons
Favorite subject in school: PE and Art
Favorite outfit: Freedom Board Shop shirt, shorts, tall nike socks and adidas low tops
Hairstyle of choice: Longer locks
Favorite weekend activity: ASU Football games

Happy birthday buddy!