We took the kids downtown tonight to a “Healing Field Memorial” in honor of the those that lost their lives on 9/11. It was humble to walk up and around the corner to see the grounds covered with flags. One flag for every person. In addition to the flags – some had yellow bows – first responders. Some had blue bows – those aboard the planes. And there were teddy bears to mark the lives of children that were lost.

Every one of them had a story. They had lives. Some had wives and children. Some were just starting their careers young and hungry. Some were immigrants. Some weren’t meant to be there at all. They all have loved ones who are mourning their loss and we learned about some of those individuals tonight.

My older kids read as many cards as they could – they told the person’s name, age, occupation and a little tidbit about them. They were eager to share with us some of the people they learned about as they walked through the field.

Tonight these people became more than a number; they have a story like each one of us.

We remember.