A couple weeks ago, Hallie gave me a list of things she wanted for her birthday or Christmas. There was nothing crazy or over the top. But several items she requested required me deciding what she would like. For example she wanted clothes. I’m batting 50% with buying clothes for her these days so I didn’t want to buy something and not have her love it. She wanted new sandals – but what color or even size would she need? She wanted perfume – there’s a million options!

Instead of spending time buying stuff we would have to return, I took her shopping. She’s transitioning to a teen so the idea of going shopping is amazing, but she’s still young at heart and longs for the surprise of opening a gift. We blended the two worlds and went shopping for a few things and then had a few small things for her to open. She was more than happy and grateful.

Her cute friends came and decorated her room while she was away and when she returned Cannon and Briggs were so excited for her to see it. They didn’t tell her what it was, but they anxiously told her to hurry and go to her room.

To add to the birthday fun we joined up with family for dinner and cake to celebrate two birthday girls – four years apart in age.

One year older and taller too!