We don’t have a single Halloween decoration up – but I keep putting Halloween costumes on my to-do list! 🙂

This week I’m throwing it back to some of my favorite costumes we’ve had over the years – Steve’s Jack-in-the-box costume is on that list. (To match our fast food theme that year) When I originally told him I was buying an outdoor light globe and turning it into a costume, I think he doubted me. Lucky for me, I surprised us both!

Here’s how this costume was created:
The trick was finding a large round object we could fit a head in. I’m embarrassed to admit how long I searched for something that fit the criteria but I found it as unusual as it was: An acrylic replacement globe for an outdoor light fixture. It was 16″ wide and the opening was 8″. It was perfect.

And although I spent forever searching for this – it took no time at all to create the actual head. I drilled two holes for eyes – measuring as best I could so Steve could see out of it. Then I used sheets of foam to create the face pieces. (These pictures were taken after Halloween and you’ll see the nose got a little abused and bent from moving it around and storing it.)  You’ll notice in the picture the eyes are large round circles. I only used those for pictures. After pictures, we replaced them with circles with holes cut out of the middle so he could see.

With the head complete, Steve put on his Sunday best and he was done. The neighborhood loved him!

DIY Jack in the box costume

DIY Jack in the box costume

DIY Jack-in-the-box costume