Today she became a teenager and she was beyond happy about it. She’s pinky promised to not turn into a moody teenager but only time will tell. 🙂

If I thought it was an option, I would’ve given her back as a baby…seriously, it was that rough. Even as a toddler, she was strong willed and tried my patience on the daily. But once she started going to school a switch flipped – She was happy and helpful and I would’ve taken three more girls just like her. But the other girls never came and she reigns the oldest and the only girl in the family. I think she quite likes her position in the family despite wishing for sisters every time I was pregnant!

She is the most helpful child you will come across. She’s helpful because she sees a need and doesn’t ask to help, she just pitches in. She has saved me on many occasions both physically and emotionally.

She’s a talker. She comes home from school and talks about her day and I love it. She tells me the good, she tells me the bad and I feel connected because she shares.

She’s turned into quite the shopper. If I’m out running errands she wants to come. Sometimes its the grocery store, sometimes it’s the mall – either way, she’s in. I quite enjoy having her to talk with as we run around.

She’s kind – she doesn’t seek to hurt others, even when her brother’s are egging her on.

She tries new things – if I’ve brought home Thai food – she’ll try it. If people are wake surfing at the lake – she’s not embarrassed – she’ll try it. She scared of heights but when we’re rapelling in Zion – she’ll try it.  I love that she’s not managed by fear.

She always tries her best. She’s an all-in kind of girl and I love that. However, she’s learning perfection isn’t what she should be striving for and sometimes good enough is exactly that…good enough.

As we always tell her – she’s our favorite daughter! 😉

Happy Birthday sweet girl!