My internet browser crashed yesterday and when I reopened the program, it asked if I wanted to restore windows and tabs…all 57 tabs. My brain is in overload and its seeping out through my internet browser. My mind tends to jump around quite a bit, but even for me this is a little unusual. A tab for the faucet I like, also some tile and cabinets I like. Work orders I’m placing for shirts. 4th grade reading materials. Print orders I’m placing. A shared drive. An idea for Hallie’s birthday gift. Yelp reviews. Color palette for a client. Financial software. School book order.  And the list could go on.

I don’t feel overwhelmed I just have a really loud head with a lot of tabs open.  When I really evaluate the open tabs I have to question what’s important and what’s just taking up space in my head. Luckily, I know a lot of the tabs (in my browser and in my head) are temporary. We’re knee deep (perhaps even hip deep) in the home remodel and it’s shocking how much time that consumes. Picking this or that. Sourcing. Putting out fires. Coordinating people. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s going to consume time for the next while. But I can hardly contain my excitement as I start to see my vision come to life.

The funny thing is my kids were begging to put up Halloween decorations. If you saw the bomb that hit this house you would laugh at their request. You wouldn’t even be able to see the decorations with everything stacked around the house. Not only that, the decorations are buried in the garage. But they’ve never not had Halloween decor up and they don’t know what to think. I convinced them our house is scary enough as it is – we don’t need spooky decor!