Occasionally we have a weekend that hits us like a freight train – its not common because we tend to schedule activities that don’t conflict – but this weekend is was unavoidable.

We declined a weekend camping trip with friends because our Saturday was packed, but they did convince us to hang out at the campground for the evening and roast some hot dogs and marshmallows. As we drove home late Friday night we were happy to know we were sleeping in our own beds and not tearing down camp the next morning.

Bennett’s basketball season is almost complete and hasn’t had any weekend games – but he did want to participate in the 3v3 tournament Saturday morning. He was so excited to participate, we didn’t have the heart to tell him no. We divided and conquered – Steve with Bennett and kids and I took Hunter and kids to the first soccer game of the day. (Which is unusual because this is the first double header of his season) Steve got there just after the game started and saw Hunter’s goal.

We had enough time in between soccer games to get some lunch, fold some laundry and get Briggs a short nap and then back to the fields to play a game in 100 degree weather.

Hunter’s second game of the day was evenly matched and although Hunter scored a goal – they picked up their first loss of the season. Fortunately, there was no time to wallow in despair – and they were getting a little too confident so it was good for them to play a well matched team!

We rushed home from the soccer game to get Steve and the three oldest kids out the door to the ASU football game. I took the two younger kids to our friend’s grand opening celebration of their restaurant and ended up at another friend’s  house to pass the time while husbands and kids were still at the ASU game.

It was day like no other and hopefully/probably won’t happen again. I think I need a weekend to recover from the weekend!