We had a busy Thanksgiving week/weekend full of family and friends and it was lovely. I had many moments of reflection where my heart was full of gratitude and love. I believe there is no coincidence that we have a season of gratitude before we rush into the busiest and most commercialized time of the year. My season of gratitude has been overflowing this year.

At the top of my list is a husband who is patient and understanding and supports me through all my projects – work and home related. There are times where I get a bit over scheduled with work deadlines and other commitments and he steps in and helps in every way imaginable.  The true test of his love was sticking it out through a kitchen remodel – it’s not for everyone and Steve would put himself in that category. And yet, he was right there in the thick of it day in and day out and although the days started to grow longer and longer he hung in there. He jokes that he’s grown a lot over the years because 25-year-old Steve would have blown a gasket by now!

I think we’re both extremely grateful to have a functioning kitchen again. After a couple months of chaos it was nothing short of a miracle that we were able to get running water in the kitchen again last week.

I am grateful for kids who make me laugh (and sometimes cry!). I’m pretty sure they teach me more than I’m teaching them and I love the relationships we’re developing as they grow older. I treasure our time as a family and we’re always looking for activities we can all enjoy together.

I’m grateful for friends I call family. Raising kids is a long and difficult road and it helps to have women I love who are in the same boat. We are all busy in our own spheres and yet we can come together and adore our time together.

I love technology and I love all the advances that are being made. I love that I can facetime my mom several states away and it makes her feel so much closer. I love that I can record my kids silly antics at any given time. I love that I have a library of books at my fingertips just waiting to be listened to. I love that my instant pot can have pinto beans ready in 45 minutes! I love that I can close the garage door from my phone or I can see who is at my door through my doorbell. Technology is absolutely amazing and I love when it’s used for good and improving the quality of life.

I am grateful for small and quiet moments where I feel prompted to help or reach out to someone without knowing their needs – my life and relationships have been richly blessed by acting on those promptings. I am equally grateful for those small acts of kindness and help that have been extended to me and my family in a time of need – sometimes even before I realized there was a need. Kindness has power to change someone’s day and I’ve experienced it on both ends.

I am grateful for this season: The crazy and the quiet.