We had a beautiful day. We spent the morning jumping from one Halloween parade to the next and then we gathered with our neighborhood and friends this evening to celebrate. This picture tells how Briggs felt about it.


Our little Yoshi go-cart cruised around on his scooter with balloons trailing behind him and he couldn’t have been more happy. He’s finally old enough that his little legs could handle walking/scooting the whole time. I pushed an empty scooter all night – I was sure he was going to putter out, but he proved me wrong.

I know Halloween is low on many people’s holiday list – but I love it (minus the candy!). We are in our prime weather season so walking around during a beautiful evening is welcomed. Sharing that walk with friends is even better. Then we show up to all our neighbor’s houses and every house is a welcome and happy greeting. What’s not to love?!

Steve and I sat on the couch (which are pushed extremely close together while we continue working on the house), with costumes and candy wrappers littering the floor and wondered how in the world it’s already November?? Our fall has blown past us and with Halloween behind us, we’re in full blown “holiday” season. Can’t we just have another October? Is that too much to ask?

Sidenote: We picked up this Globber scooter (aff) on clearance after last Christmas and gave it to Briggs for his birthday. He was turning two and maybe a little young to figure it out, even though it has three wheels and much easier than the razor scooters (although Cannon has loved it and used it a lot). About a month ago – he finally figured it out and he now loves it. It’s so funny to watch his little legs push along, so low to the ground. It makes me think he’s ready for the balance bike! 



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