I thought it was fitting to post this picture alongside my “favorite things” because there is no doubt that this will soon be one of my very favorite things – but right now it’s still a disaster.

I vacuum daily, and yet you wouldn’t know it. There is dust and dirt every where. I’ve cleaned the floors so many times and it feels like I make some progress and then they bring a circular saw and start cutting my hardwood floors and it sends sawdust everywhere. Or the ceiling is painted and leaves a fine dust across the whole house. Up until a few days ago we had a floor to ceiling plastic sheet dividing the space – but now we’ve moved on to work that needs to be done with the sheet down.

So…here it sits. Most every day there’s something happening which means we’re seeing a lot of small victories. And then some days its one step forward and two steps back and it’s discouraging. I have to step back and remember the vision. Remember what we’re creating and every mess and problem is temporary.

I’m convinced that it’s going to take me FOREVER to get this clean when all is said and done. And yet, I’m beyond excited for this space to take shape. My soon to be favorite place in the home!