Last year I made this sign and although I made it for a Thanksgiving decoration I ended up keeping it up all year long because who doesn’t need a good reminder to be thankful? It hung in my kitchen up until we started remodeling and then it got tucked away in the guest room with all my other favorite decorations.

DIY Thankful Sign

The guest room has become a home decor graveyard of sorts. There’s piles that need to be donated. There’s clocks and chalkboards and signs all leaning up against the walls. There’s baskets and blankets and plants. It’s so many of my favorite things all crammed into one small space. Many items will make the cut and find their place back in our home. The other things will find new homes after being donated.

And I suppose it’s a good thing we don’t have any guests joining us any time soon – they would have troubles getting into the room at this point!