We spent our 15 year anniversary today at the wedding of our nephew. (we tried telling them a wedding 5 days before Christmas wasn’t a good idea! It’s hard to find time during the Christmas season to celebrate!!)

But it was fun to spend the day with family and reminisce about our special day many years ago.

Steve and I both agreed that the first 10 years seemed a little long (With the first three years seeming exceptionally long). The last 5 years have gone by much faster and I anticipate they will fly by at more rapid speeds as the kids get older.

This year threw us several curve balls and then we decided to do a major home remodel. If Steve didn’t think I was crazy before – he knows without a doubt now! And even with my crazy he loves me – that’s a good man! In fact, he’s willing to pick up a sledge hammer at 10pm and demo a bathroom with me. Love is a verb and he shows it through his actions over and over again.

Here’s to many more years together – Happy anniversary!