When we moved to Wisconsin – we became Packers and Badgers fans and loved feeling vested in a team and loved rooting for them (2011 super bowl ring a bell?!)

When we moved to Arizona we were still Packers and Badgers fans, but we also became sun devils. Buy the kids a couple shirts and take them to some games and they’ll be fans for life! Whether its in the stadium or on TV these kids are fans. We ended up having a decent season, but even if they were terrible – the kids would’ve still loved it. Something about the stadium – the energy of the crowd and loud music to dance to…and kettle corn of course – you can’t lose with kettle corn or even a pocket full of candy.

There was only one game we didn’t take the kids to this year – we took friends instead – and they felt cheated knowing we were there without them! They are sun devils through and through!


Cannon tried his hardest to get on the flex cam (I think he figured with the shirt off it would be more obvious that he had muscles!) but he never made it! Maybe next year…