I’ve had both the table and miter saw out and they’re getting all sorts of use. Unfortunately, none of it is fun Christmas decor. Just boring old trim work – baseboards and casing. We’re lucky we have a tree and garland up – Steve wanted all Christmas decor on the chopping block until our home was completely put back together – which is going to take some time. So our happy medium was put some of the decor up and continue to push through some finish work on the home. Slow and steady progress – but I’d really like to be making Christmas decor! Here’s a few that still adorn our home…

Life with Fingerprints: DIY Holiday Star, Christmas Crafts
Life with Fingerprints: Christmas Craft, holiday forest out of 2x6 wood
DIY Easy Christmas Crafts - Paper straw tree: Paper straws and an Ikea frame
Life with Fingerprints: Christmas Crafts, pillows made from store bought napkins
  Christmas craft using a wood burning tool