Since we’re in the gift giving season, I thought it would be fun to mention a fun gift we received for Christmas last year. Steve’s brother gave us an experience for Christmas – a family trip to the aquarium.

We tucked that gift away until we thought Briggs was old enough to enjoy it and not make us rush through it – we went this fall and had a great time. We took our time wandering from exhibit to exhibit taking most time at the sting ray station where the kids could touch them as they swam by. There were hands-on exhibits and movies to watch. Things to crawl on and under. We all learned a lot.

And the best part about it – it was a gift. A gift we enjoyed as a family long after the Christmas tree had been taken down. We’re big fans of experiences as gifts, especially for birthdays – but Christmas gifts can be experiences too. Plus it’s one less toy you’ll have to donate down the road!

What’s the best experience gift you’ve received?