Several years ago Steve decided it would be much better to celebrate my December birthday on my half birthday in June and I agreed. There’s so much going on in December, my birthday was often overlooked anyway – and who wants to receive Christmas gifts, anniversary and birthday gifts all in a week and a half.

So for years, we’ve celebrated my birthday in June. Of course, then December rolls around and people start wishing me a happy birthday and asking what I was doing for the special day and then I had to explain over and over again that we celebrate in June.

This year, a neighbor stopped by with chocolate muffins for my birthday and the kids answered the door. He asked Cannon who’s special day it was and Cannon had no idea. “Doesn’t someone in your house have a birthday today?” Cannon denied any such birthday. Our neighbor was a little confused – clearly his wife sent him on the errand and now he was second guessing leaving the birthday muffins. Cannon proudly said, “No, it’s my mom’s fake birthday today, her real birthday is in June.” Cannon was so matter-of-fact and this confused our poor neighbor even more. He left the muffins anyway. (thank heavens, they were delicious!)

Needless to say, the neighbor was in contact and relayed the funny conversation and I was able to set the record straight and then explain to Cannon that indeed it was my real birthday. Even as the words came from my mouth, Cannon was shaking his head in disbelief. He knows very well when we put the birthday bucket and banner out and when I open my presents! His mind was blown!! I reminded him all day that it was my real birthday. Just as real as his birthday!