Does anyone else’s house or porch look like this? I typically don’t even open the box right away because once I do, I then have to hide whatever is in the box. This way, I can keep it in plain sight and the kids can’t get any sneaky peekys!

After the UPS man came one afternoon and I finished stacking the boxes inside the house I had the overwhelming thought, “What my mom would’ve given to have the luxury of doing all her Christmas shopping online.” Instead, they would take a couple Saturdays and make the hour drive to and from the nearest large “city” and try and pound out as much as they could.

Compare that to today when amazon is your best friend and you can do all your price comparison from a couple apps on your phone so you know you’re getting the best price.

I think there were some great things about raising kids 35 years ago – our kids today face unique challenges that didn’t even exist when I was a kid (hello social media!?) But with those new challenges have also come some amazing advantages and not having to leave the house and still finish Christmas shopping is just one thing on the list. Having diapers delivered every month is another! Robot vacuums that clean your floors for you (I’m totally adding that to my wish list!) Thank you technology!