I’ve got a month worth of pictures and documenting I want to get to – but this week was Christmas and I took a break from writing. When I’m on a normal schedule, we get kids to bed and then I sit down at the computer for the night and get work done and write posts. And then there’s times like Christmas break and summer when the kids are home and schedules are thrown out the window which makes sitting down at the computer a little hard. I always think I’ll be able to find a minute or two during nap time or when they go down for the night but lately there seems to be more important things to do and I’m okay with that too. I enjoy the week after Christmas. Kids are occupied with new toys and I go to town purging what doesn’t work for us anymore. Yesterday it was the boys closets. Today, the pantry. Steve’s hoping the garage will be next on the list. Nothing is safe! 🙂

In the meanwhile – we’re loving our unstructured time.