I was cleaning out a closet today and I came across Hallie’s Valentine’s box from last year and I fell in love with it all over again – hence it’s still sitting in a closet because she wasn’t ready to get rid of it!

I overlooked how close Valentine’s day is until I had a couple magazines recently ask to feature some of the kids old boxes including Hallie’s gumball machine, Hunter’s lego box and Hallie’s bumblebee. (It’s funny how a project from 5 years ago can still be of any interest to someone today thanks to Pinterest!)

Hallie always wanted to start her box midway through January which gave her plenty of time to make something grand. I now have two elementary boys who don’t show a lot of interest in spending time thinking about and making a Valentine’s day box – and that’s okay too.  What they are concerned with is what they’re passing out to their classmates – that’s what’s important to them!