Every time we make Hallie Chicken, we use the same salsa – On the Border – and every time I try and open the jar I make another mental note to contact the company and tell them how ridiculously hard their jars are to open. I’m not sure why they’re so much harder than the pickle jar…but they are. When my mom was here recently, we were making the dish and as I struggled to open the jars, she agreed with me, On the Border salsa has a tighter seal than any other jar.

A couple days later, I was at the Container Store and on a whim I bought something to help me open jars and I had little hope of actually working. But it was cheap enough I figured I would give it a try.

It’s called the JarKey and its $7 on amazon (aff link). It looks surprisingly simple but I’ve already used it a couple times and it’s a game changer. You use it to break the seal and then the lid unscrews with ease. Both Hallie and Hunter tried it on the salsa jar and both opened it without any problems. I don’t even know how many years I’ve cursed that salsa company and with this small plastic tool my frustration is gone! I know we’re all Marie Kondoing our homes right now – but this is small and takes up very little space. 🙂

Just a little PSA to take you into the weekend.