His hair is long and when he wakes up in the morning it is completely out of control and takes some time to tame.

I’ve always cut his hair and we’ve kept it short thanks to that sweet cowlick in the front. I took him to a friend that cuts hair and I asked her to show me how to cut it in a new style that would work better for his hair. She washed it and styled it up and didn’t cut it. And she told me not to cut it.

She suggested growing it out just a little longer – he has great thick hair and she’s confident she can make it look good. (and if not, we can always cut it!) So we’re in the awkward long stage but not long enough for the style she had in mind.  When it’s freshly styled it looks great. And then he plays for a little bit and his styled hair looks like this.

He’s never had hair this long and I’m a fan of short hair so I’m crossing my fingers this works!