Before Christmas our friends had the idea to have a puzzle-off where both families have the same exact puzzle and we race to finish it the fastest. They stopped by one day to drop off the puzzle and ironically, they had purchased the very puzzle that we had wrapped and ready to give to Hallie for Christmas. (What are the chances out of all the puzzles they could possibly buy, they would buy the one we gave to Hallie!? It was a fun puzzle – clearly we both have good taste!)

Two days after Christmas, they came over and we raced to finish. Most the younger kids were occupied watching a movie (them “helping” could have been disastrous) – but the older kids were in on the action – which made it 4 vs 4.

Our eyes and fingers were working as fast as they could and we’d occasionally glance over at the other table and gauge their progress. It was much easier to stand and see the puzzle pieces which meant we were all hunched over for 45 minutes and a little sore by the end.

The melting popsicles puzzle was a hit and we now have one victory in our column! Something tells me they’re going to polish those puzzle skills and demand a rematch!