I took my dad to the airport yesterday which is always hard. Hours later Briggs saw an airplane in the sky and asked if Grandpa was coming back to him. 🙁

We had a busy and productive week with him helping me with projects. But it usually takes me a couple days after he leaves to find my stride again. We jumped around from one project to the next and just as were about ready to finish a project I would jump ship and work on another. I didn’t want to spend his time doing work I could do on my own. So I kept coming up with new things I couldn’t do on my own. We made a dent in the list.

So we’re piecing life back together and I decided it would be a good time to finally get some laundry done and mop the floors that were in desperate need of attention – not to mention cleaning the thick layer of dust that had accumulated thanks to our projects.

I also collected tools from around the house (which does not include all the tools currently on my patio) and put them on the table in the back room so I can eventually put them away. I started putting them away and realized I still needed most of them as I slowly finish up some of the work we started. These guys will find their way back home eventually and hopefully I will have photos to prove it!